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Memories Are Made Of This. Those five words seem to hark back to a forgotten age of late-fifties / early sixties crooning, in which post-war affluence served as a precursor to the swinging sixties and the hippie movement. The crooning movement was clearly established for the old guard; men and women resistant to the sweeping rock and roll trends and raunchier music that seemed to be as much about sex as it did about the songs.

Virgin / EMI have released this sixty song compilation with an intent to harness anyone who grew up in the early sixties looking back to the fifties – to Sinatra, Martin or Davis, Jr as opposed to forwards with The Beatles. You’d be forgiven if you assumed this was another Rat Pack rehash with a Vegas style overhaul, and yet contained over the two-and-a-half hours of music are a startling number of British artists who, whilst are deeply unfashionable in the music world now, were strong chart stars back then. Hence, it’s understandable why artists such as Ken Dodd, Adam Faith or Cliff Richard feature. Granted, Frank and Dean do make an appearance, but they are sprinkled around such refreshing contemporaries as Vince Hill, Jimmy Young (who was the first of four artists to take Unchained Melody to number one) or The Seekers.

If the picture-card album artwork is deliberately nostalgic in tone, it’s only in keeping with the musical selections on the compilation. Memories Are Made Of This is the sort of collection in which the artists, as opposed to the actual songs are important, as you could argue that the evoking of a past era is just as important as converting listeners with the songs. In fact, you could argue that the album is already preaching to the converted; men and women who already made their minds up about the songs forty years ago. Sixty songs is a comprehensive package, and there are at least thirty songs that should arguably be a part of any collection, along with some rarities that have been cobbled together all in one place. Mother’s Day beckons, and this could be the ideal gift.



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