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London's Dublin Castle is one of the Capital's most popular small venues.I headed along to their Club Fandango night to see a couple of bands that would make up my first gigging experience of 2008.
I first encountered Danish band Alphabeat towards the end of 2007 and fell head over heels with their unadulterated Pop sensibilities.The band have been compared to the B52's, Wham, "Let's dance" era Bowie,The Scissor Sisters and High School Musical previously so you can see where they're coming from.I'll also throw in the Punk Ace Of Base for good measure mind you!
All my Alphabeat encounters have seen the band performing fairly early in the evening and the Dublin Castle show was no exception as the band took to the stage before 8.30.It didn't matter though as they had brought a sizeable crowd with them, packing the venue.
The band are fronted by vocalists Anders and Stine, with Anders constantly bashing a tambourine while Stine shimmys away at his side.
The duo are joined by the two other Anders on guitar and bass,Troels on drums and Rasmus on keyboard.
Alphabeat started their set with regular opener, single "Fantastic 6" but took a detour from the norm, debuting a couple of new tracks, at least to UK ears anyway.They both sounded great and were as infectious as the other songs on offer, especially the second, with lyrics featuring something about "Touch me touching you".
The rest of the set consisted of tracks from the band's forthcoming debut album.
I picked the Danish release up on import in December and it almost made it to "Album of the year", only just getting beaten by Maia Hirasawa's "Though I'm just me" .
The UK are promised a new shiny polished version so I'm sure I'll be buying that as well.
"Boyfriend", "What is happening" and "10,000 nights of thunder" were all played from the album with the band rounding the evening off with forthcoming single "Fascination".
You could see the band were extremely happy playing to a decent audience, many of whom were dancing and singing along with the band.
I looked around during "Fascination" to see the crowd and it was great to see so many smiling faces.
There were a couple of musical hiccups during the set mind you where songs went where they weren't meant to go but I'll forgive the band as it was a warm up after all!!
To quote Lemar - "If there's any justice in this world" "Fascination" would stay at number 1 for many a week.However,the GBP are a bit slow on the uptake so it may mean Alphabeat have to go down the Magic Numbers / CSS route, playing every UK festival on offer, worming their way into the hearts of the people through the magic of POP!
Alphabeat are playing a large tour at the moment alongside Palladium.
Check out their My Space page for details.

The crowd had thinned out slightly by the time London's Sonicflyer took to the stage but there were still enough people there to give them a great reception.
The four piece London based band have just released their single "Sun in my pocket" and they brought along several fans to celebrate the fact.
The band adorned the stage with fairy lights, creating a subdued atmosphere.
This was my first time viewing Sonicflyer live.I'm a fan of the "Sun in my pocket" single so I was looking forward to their live performance.
On record the band come across like Lush, Belly or The Breeders but they sounded a lot heavier live.The gig suffered from a fairly poor vocal sound with lead singer Yulia's voice buried on occasions.
I imagine the group like a nice wall of sound live but it just wasn't quite right.
It didn't spoil my enjoyment of the set though and I could see members of the audience in raptures, especially when guitarist Chris went to town with his pedals!
On first glance Sonicflyer are certainly worthy of further attention so I'll be keeping an eye on them in 2008.
The "Sun in my pocket" ep is out now
Sonicflyer have several show lined up in February,details over at My Space

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