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Melody Gardot - 'Worrisome Heart


Released 18th February 2008

Pull down your shades and light some candles. A simple, yet poignant blend of jazz and folk is headed your way. At twenty-two, singer-songwriter Melody Gardot has a hauntingly beautiful voice that can melt event the hardest of hearts. Drenched in a sublime vapour of mellow blues, eclectic folk and above all jazz, Worrisome Heart is a ten-track collection of original songs co-produced by Melody Gardot and Grammy Award winning producer Glenn Barratt. With a superb narrative, nuanced phrasing and skillfully constructed arrangements, this is a rare and unique album.

Gardot’s vocals capture a range of emotions with a maturity and subtlety unusual in someone of her age. Echoes of Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald belie her jazz heritage, whilst her lyrics communicate a wise, determined and occasionally lighthearted take on life.

Backed by the some of the finest musicians on the American jazz scene, Melody has already drawn rave reviews across the USA, and she is now set to take the UK by storm. Please welcome the next, and brightest, jazz star of the twenty first century.


1.Worrisome Heart
2. All That I Need is Love
3. Gone
4. Sweet Memory
5. Some Lessons
6. Quiet Fire
7. One Day
8. Love Me Like a River Does
9. Goodnite
10. Twilight

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