White Collar Weapons

Difficult one this.

Well played, corporate alt. pop with a hint of The Feeling or Plain White Ts. You suspect The Police are filed carefully under 'P' in their perfectly organised CD collection. You imagine these songs contain diminished 7ths or whatever. Lead track "Birds" is a tad histrionic and "Like Your Chances" too obviously going for a Nick Drake vibe. Occasionally you get the barest hint of a Faces feel, maybe from the melodies.

Only on the last track (recorded live) do things start to come alive a little, the thundering drums give the song some momentum that's missing on the other, rather one-dimensional numbers.

What else can be said? A lot of the time success is down to luck or some kind of rare alignment of the heavens. Other times you automatically recognise just why some bands 'have it' and the best thing about White Collar Weapons at the moment is probably their name. The ability to pen songs that catch the attention and stand out from the crowd is clearly some kind of magick distinct from the ability to play your instrument with competence. Maybe WCW need to head for the crossroads at midnight in the hope of striking some of that voodoo gold.

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out of 10

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