Jet - Look What You've Done

Every rock band have given in to their sensitive side on occasion - Guns N' Roses recorded the wonderfully blustering November Rain, Spinal Tap did at least get around to writing Lick My Love Pump and Napalm Death...well, actually Napalm Death have yet to get anywhere near recording a ballad but every rule, exception, etc.

Whilst their earlier single, Rollover DJ, game the impression of Jet never stumbling out of their pad without a half-drunk bottle of JD in hand, Look What You've Done is a great song, which reveals a strong McCartney/Beatles influence in the piano playing, drums and vocals. This song has been marked for a single release for some time, so it's no surprise that it has finally been dragged off the album and whilst it's unlikely that it sounds similar to anything else on Get Born, it's probably been play listed at Radio 2 and should draw in a few new album sales, which was surely the point all along.



out of 10

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