Lionel Richie - Just For You

He's been around forever (over thirty years, actually) but Lionel Richie has recently been eclipsed by his daughter's inability to do, well, anything at all on 2003's The Simple Life, on which Nicole Richie does little more than giggle at farm labourers and local shopkeepers alongside little rich girl/camcorder porn star, Paris Hilton. Time then for Richie to get back into the studio and show that the name ought to be remembered for more than what Nicole gets up to down on the farm.

Of course, Lionel Richie will always be remembered for recording the kinda song that ensured a late-night snog on the dance floor at the school disco. Like Roxy Music's Avalon, Three Times A Lady ensured that even the most acne-scarred teenager got some action in the final minutes before the lights went on in the school gym and whilst Just For You is no classic, it's a better song than anyone could have expected from Richie at this stage in his career.

Lyrically, Just For You is a dreadful mish-mash of musings on life and love - "God was God; Dreams were dreams / Life was all cake and ice-cream" - but otherwise, it ain't bad at all. I mean, it's no Easy Like Sunday Morning, Three Times A Lady or even Hello but Just For You is the sort of song that drifts by effortlessly, much like all three of those earlier songs, but lacks the final touch to make the song a classic. With Richie's voice is as smooth as it's ever been and showing some form at keeping his sound up to date, Just For You - both this and the accompanying album - is a better song that anything his one-time contemporaries have recorded in decades.



out of 10

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