The Twang - Push the Ghosts/Drinking in L.A.

Lifting a fourth single from their debut album was always going to be a bit cheeky, seeing as The Twang's debut Love it When I Feel Like This was never the most singles-stuffed package. However, the Birmingham band just about get away with it in their choice of Push the Ghosts.

The track features all their trademarks, which won't be pleasing news to all those who are boycotting the ever-increasing greyness of the current mainstream indie scene. However, if you're a fan of Phil Etheridge's laddish local twang (really, no pun intended) and their knack for blending a danceable beat with scratchy guitars, you'll enjoy this successor to the superior Either Way and Two Lovers. This one's made distinguishable from their other tracks due to a nicked bassline from a similarly 'pushy' Salt 'N' Pepa track.

That's not all, though. As an added incentive for those of you out there who still buy singles, their cover of Drinking in L.A. is featured as the B-side. Included on the recent Radio 1 'Established Since 1967' compilation, their take on the Bran Van 3000 track works by transporting the original's transatlantic edge to the Bullring. They may not be the most imaginative band to hit the airwaves this year but I'll gladly support these chancers over Coventry's Jam-buggering The Enemy any day of the week.



out of 10

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