The Concretes - Keep Yours

It all looked a bit grim when Bergsman left, didn’t it? But we needn’t have worried. Whereas previous album ‘In Colour,’ for all its fine moments, seemed like a family photograph full of forced smiles – an exercise in strained, enforced jollity, where the sunshine and joy of its predecessor suddenly seemed a little contrived and unwieldy, ‘Keep Yours,’ a highlight from current album ‘Hey Trouble’ is happy to be a little darker. Only a little, mind, there’s still the same trademark Concretes walls of harmony, they haven’t suddenly become Joy Division. But the lyrical mood’s different, and there’s a little more of an edge in the instrumentation, coupled to a few more minor chords than we’ve heard before. The overall effect is that ‘Keep Yours’ spiritually and tonally resembles, abstractly and distantly, but undeniably, the Concretes’ best song, their cool, dark cover of the Stones’ ‘Miss You.’ With a full complement of shiny remixes, and a rather spiffy B-Side, ‘Keep Yours’ is better than anything the Concretes did on ‘In Colour’, with the exception of the marvellous ‘Chosen One,’ and a match for much of their self-titled debut.



out of 10

Last updated: 18/06/2018 04:31:19

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