King Creosote - Bombshell

With more than 20 albums already under his belt, most of them CDRs released by his own Fence Records label (who at one point had KT Tunstall on their books), Kenny Anderson, AKA King Creosote, releases his first LP for a major label subsidiary - and it's a release befitting that step up.

Bombshell is a record enveloped in sadness and nobility - from the funeral tomes of Leslie to the aching sense of loss that haunts closer And The Racket They Made, this is one of those albums to be dug out on long, dark nights of the soul. Peeking out from behind the clouds though are a smattering of sunbeams, with Cowardly Custard a short-but-sweet country-tinged soundtrack to the end of a relationship with a nice turn of phrase ("you seem a trifle unhappy…"). It’s single You've No Clue Do You that shines brightest though, a transcendent pop moment that nonetheless is equipped with its fair share of bite.

The potent, heady mixture of Anderson’s rich, emotive voice and sublime instrumentation combine to imbue this release with a sense of wounded dignity and resilience. At the WAL is the most fully rounded piece on the album, a seven-minute epic that develops from a bare-bones acoustic lament into a rollicking stomp before fading into waves of feedback. Its impressive production values are a cut above that of Anderson's previous work but manage to retain the warmth and lived-in sound that typifies his music, a move sure to keep existing fans happy and entice newcomers to delve through his extensive back catalogue in search of yet more gems.



out of 10

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