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One of the tracks on Katie Melua's new album "Pictures" is called "What it says on the tin" and that's how you really should approach her third offering.
You can be sure there are no New Rave mixes or Thrash Metal medleys to be found.
The album is a step up from her previous release as there are no hideous anti racism songs hammering home their message this time round, instead their are twelve different varieties of Melua magic to feast your ears upon.
Starting with "Mary Pickford" a simple song regarding Mary Pickford's marriage to Hollywood heartthrob Douglas Fairbanks, the album remains a similiar pace the majority of the way through, with only "Ghost Town" picking up the pace, seeing Katie sound more like UB40 than The Specials.
"What I miss about you" is Melua at her worst with sickly romantic lyrics.The track slightly redeems itself with a twist in the tale towards the end of the song though.
The same can't be said for another of the tracks penned by Mike Batt'. "What it says on the tin" is a hideous vomit inducing heap of Mill's and Boon style shite!
I despair when a young girl as talented as Katie is reduced to performing this drivel, though I'm sure she's probably happy enough!!
If you are a Melua fan I'm sure there's something there for you if you've enjoyed her previous two albums.
The stand out track after a handful of listens is "Dirty dice" co written with ex Fader Molly McQueen, a slightly sleezier sounding number with Mariachi horns.
With a large portion of the album written by Mike Batt, the man who seems to pull Miss Melua's strings a lot of the time I sometimes feel he's holding her back a lot.
When Katie released her first album I managed to watch her play an acoustic set to about 50 people at the Enterprise in London.It was an amazing evening, proving what a real talent she was so I've always felt since then that she's never been able to show of her natural ability's as well on record as her recordings since have been slightly drained of life, with me wishing she'd just put her foot down every so often taking her songs up another gear.
I don't really know what I'm looking for from Miss Melua in the future but for now I think I'll call of the search till album number four.



out of 10

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