Felix Da Housecat - Like Something 4 Porno!

Sometimes, nay, frequently, I don’t understand record companies. This was a potential ‘sound of the summer.’ Why, then, release it at the end of September? Breathy, filthily enunciated,Anglo-French come-ons, subtle but effective funk guitar, insistent handclaps punctuating a firm disco beat: in both sound and subject matter Felix Da Housecat has produced a spiritual successor to Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love.’

To these ears, ‘Like Something 4 Porno!’ is more silly than genuinely sexy. But that’s the key to its success. By maintaining a sense of humour, a tongue lodged firmly in its high-camp cheek, this gloriously nonsensical piece of music manages to become that rare thing: a self consciously ‘dirty’ pop song that remains somehow quite grown-up. ‘Like Something 4 Porno!’ isn’t a record for thirteen year old boys to snigger at, because 13 year old boys take this subject matter seriously. Housecat, mercifully, does not.

There’s a full complement of extra tracks on the single, too. ‘Pretty Girls Don’t Dance’ is more sparse than ‘Porno’, a tasty slice of robotic retro-futuristic disco, and very nice it is too, though clearly not a match for the marvellous A-side. That A-side receives three re-mixes here. Kris Menace’s largely instrumental treatment is pleasant enough, but feels rather cold and sterile, devoid of the sense of fun that makes the original version so enjoyable. The Armand van Helden remix is edgy, exciting and playful, but even it pales in comparison with the Teenage Bad Girl mix, which is simply masterful. Giving ‘Like Something 4 Porno!’ an almost Daft Punk-esque feel, this reworking seems to make an already salacious record even filthier, which can only be a good thing. Indeed, it may be, that I have a slight preference for the Teenage Bad Girl version.

The full complement of fine remixes make this an excellent single package, but even without such additions ‘Like Something 4 Porno!’ would be impressive. It stands as a tantalising preview of what to expect from the forthcoming Felix Da Housecat album, ‘Virgo Blaktro & The Movie Disco,’ which I, for one, will now be awaiting eagerly, in the hope that it includes several more adult synth-pop-funk delights as infectious as this one.



out of 10

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