The Crimea - Tragedy Rocks

In a nutshell, The Crimea are a revised version of the amazingly good "The Crocketts", maintaining the lead (Davey 'Crockett' MacManus) and drummer (Owen Hopkin) but having a slightly different line up guitar and bass wise. From the direction of the two original members they maintained a rather evolved sound not too dissimilar to The Crocketts themselves, and take it from me that isn’t a bad thing at all.

The album starts off with The Crimea's latest single release White Russian Galaxy, a Vocal and bass drum heavy melody which is addictively catchy and filled with a combination of piano and an ever present bass line from both the drummer and bassist playing together excellently to create quite an effect. From one single to another, Baby Boom has a stunning opening line of guitar work which carries on later on in the song, quite possibly one of the best songs on the album due to the mix of the stunning guitar work and MacManus' distinctive Vocals playing against each other in turn.
On from this is Miserablist Tango, a slow almost angry at times vocal song which builds up and up for the chorus and goes eerily quiet at times which is backed up by an eerie instrumental later on. Bad Vibrations starts off with a cheery melody, but with lyrics like "Feel the Hurt, Feel the pain" the title of the track comes into play, backed up with a bit of acoustic guitar and later an almost prog-rock guitar riff it makes for an excellent song.
Lottery Winners on Acid is a Live favourite, as mentioned in the Borderline gig review and seems somewhat refrained on the album, with a toned down MacManus and heavy amounts of keyboards, this track is a low point of the album in my opinion as it just doesn’t seem to fit correctly. On from this, Opposite Ends which has an Ooberman styled opening leads into MacManus'vocals, again with a distinctive touch to it, which further leads into a slightly unconventional chorus where the guitar and bass mimic MacManus' voice along with him, unconventional it may be, it produces a very well done effect. Howling At The Moon contrasts the last song by starting off fast and keeping the up the same tempo and pace pretty much all the way through only speeding up for the chorus which in itself is a toe tapping bit of genius. Back down in pace, The Great Unknown leads on with prominent piano backing, MacManus sounds like he's whispering the song into your ear in a soft manner all the way through, which is well performed and ties into the theme of the song.
Bombay Sapphire Coma carries yet more excellent guitar work and a more melodic song than The Crimea usually do, but a fresh song none the less, which between two more depressing songs is a lift.
Back onto a more depressing song, with a backing beat I'd expect to see on a film OST for a war movie, Six Shoulders Six Stone is a song you can listen to over and over and not really get bored of it because it has a certain quality which keeps you interested, and entertained. The last track on the album Out of Africa continues with average pace of the album, and doesn’t give anything special like the other tracks do, but it still works well. Both of the last tracks sound the most like The Crocketts on the album, with MacManus trailing his words slightly on both in a style like he did on The Great Brain Robbery.

Overall, if you were a fan of The Crocketts you'll love this album to bits, at times it seems a bit samey its more Crocketts evolved with a slight tang to it. If you've never heard The Crocketts its hard to pin down another band who sound similar but across the board but the Crimea range from Rocky Pop to Melancholic Punk with a dash of Alt.Indie thrown in for free.
Tragedy Rocks currently doesnt have a release date set in stone, but expect it to hit the shops some time late this month/early April, but you can order the CD from the Bands website on the link below!

The Crimea's Website

(Thanks to The Crimea's Drummer Owen Hopkin)



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