Starsailor - Four to the Floor

Disappointingly, this is not one of the songs from Starsailor's latest album, Silence Is Easy, to have been produced by pop genius and murder suspect, Phil Spector but it might as well have been. Since Ed Buller's work from 140dB on the production of Suede's first couple of albums, 140dB have provided the artists to call on them with a rich sound, not unlike Spector's Wall Of Sound. So, whilst Spector would have layered multiple pianos, guitars and vocals on top of Hal Blaine's thunderous rhythm, so Danton Supple for 140dB calls on strings, keyboards and Starsailor's own playing to produce a grandly dramatic pop song that is almost an equal for anything Spector might have brought...other than, possibly, a knife-edge lunacy to the actual recording.

Four To The Floor is indeed the kind of rich pop that Suede once did so well, as did Blur in some of the less frantic moments from Modern Life Is Rubbish, but Starsailor lack a little of the substance of either of those bands' recordings. Whilst the music is clearly excellent - particularly in its use of an insistent piano riff that's a rock/rap brother to the one that made Dre and Tupac's California Love a classic - Four To The Floor, and Starsailor in general, misses having a point. Where Suede clearly had an identity and a purpose in extolling the genius of glam rock and cheap living and Blur, with their second album being originally titled Britain vs America, were set on proving a point, Starsailor sound great, could well look good but sound to be largely without the kind of purpose to make one really feel something about them.

Still, such a thing never stopped like Duran Duran's The Chauffeur being one of the greatest songs ever recorded and although Four To The Floor is no match for The Chauffeur, so very few songs are.



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