2 many dj's - as heard on radio soulwax pt. 2

2 many dj’s are a little known Belgian indie duo who turned to devising a series of mix CDs. To date, as heard on radio soulwax pt. 2 is the only one that’s had a proper commercial release.

A look at the track-listing will surely have the uninitiated wondering just exactly how all these songs can share the same set, and much of the joy, as your jaw hits the floor on the first few listens, is discovering quite how we get from A to B.

While many of the tracks are mixed into one another, a number play as ‘bootlegs’, meaning the vocal from one over a different backing. For example, Salt ‘n Pepa’s Push It vocals are matched to the music of The Stooges’ No Fun (turning hip-hop to rock), and Destiny’s Child sing Independent Women Part 1 over 10cc’s Dreadlock Holiday (turning modern r ‘n’ b to reggae). If this sounds implausible, it can only be a credit to 2 many dj’s that, once you find this compilation glued to your CD player, it’s the originals that will sound odd.

The record has its share of goofy moments (e.g. Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5), electro cover versions (e.g. I Wanna Be Your Dog, Joe Le Taxi) and enough camp to satisfy the Scissor Sisters. However, consider this also a musical education, a tour of an outlandish CD/vinyl collection; albeit one you’ll want to sit back and enjoy, rather than stroke your chin to. Lest we forget, Danger! High Voltage and Royksopp’s Eple appeared on here way before they were big hits, and there are at least a couple of other artists featured (Peaches, Adult) who are ripe for mainstream discovery. It’s not all pissing about either. Despite the number of genres covered, 2 many dj’s frequently return to the sort of dance-floor cool peddled by Felix Da Housecat and Lords of Acid, and, most importantly, no idea is ever allowed to outstay its welcome.

Glancing at the track-listing, it may include a few songs you swore you’d never own; and, yes, 2 many dj’s might just be two guys who use other people’s records. A few listens to this strangely liberating CD, however, and you may find yourself agreeing that as heard on radio soulwax pt. 2 is the most fun release of the past few years.



out of 10

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