TEAM - [50,000] [Dead Sharks]

This 5 track mini-album was recorded on a pig farm and, to their credit, you'd never know it as it sounds superb. Currently unsigned, this four-piece from the Midlands have a nice line in mellow, guitar based rock. There are five songs here, and, though they don't differ wildly in style, very pleasing they are. Opening track Model Lisbon sets things up nicely, opening with a lovely, melodic guitar crunch that gives way to a minimalist bass line and minor chords. Last song, Breeze Block Big does differ somewhat from the rest in that it's deep and throbbing bass line and barely audible vocals suggests a dark and experimental side which can only be applauded.

Their strength is in their simplicity. It's clear that they're pretty competent songwriters, and you won't find any wild histrionics on here. Myopia is pretty much the same lyric delivered over haunting, distorted guitars and an almost mellow, Nirvana-ish bass line with subtle key changes. Vocalist Dave Wright is distinctive without being cloying and really stands out. It's probably the best song on here, and will be stuck in your head as soon as you've listened to it.

Influences are pretty much all over the shop, judging from this. The guitars frequently spend much time in navel-gazing country but are not averse to launching into thrash-like breaks. It never falls into the trap of falling between two stools, though, and as stated earlier, TEAM have a clear, strong songwriting ability that should, if there's any justice, take them far. Interesting.

Available from their website, which you will find here.



out of 10

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