Enrique Iglesias - Insomniac

He does, of course, take himself far too seriously. Remember the ‘Hero’ video ? In which he over-emoted to Razzie levels just because Jennifer Lover-Hewitt’s heaving bosom was being taken away from him by some bad guys. 'Insomniac' is album number eight for Enrique. In the sleeve notes he over-emotes some more : “… three years of sleepless nights and restless days”, hence the album title. Jeez. We forget what our multi-millionaire pop stars go through for their art.

Seriously, though, it’s not so bad. In the grand scheme of things, if your boat is floated by hunky guys who do the funky minimal beat-driven pop thing, you could do worse. Taking a look around, he’s not as smug or overrated as Timberlake, his songs are better than Maroon 5’s and he does come across as a decent sort. He appears to have ditched the beanie hats, which is to be commended.

To be outrageously fair and beyond-the-call honest, album opener ‘Ring my Bells’ is rather nice with its minimal beats. ‘Tired of being Sorry’ picks up the pace with a nifty acoustic guitar riff. ‘Sweet Isabel’ is a decent stab at anthemic. Every now and then, something vaguely organic replaces programming but over the course of 68 minutes the feeling of drowning in arrangements a tad too slick becomes a bit much, regardless. But, if I caught a friend with this, I’d be less inclined to mock than if I’d found them listening to Razorlight or The Killers, say. Certainly the moody monochrome shot of our man on the back cover, head down on the studio desk, no doubt anxious to get the hi-hat positioned just right in the mix, wins me over with its gauche intent. Daft, disposable but far from offensive.



out of 10

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