Rocket Uppercut - Beautiful Tragedy

If you cast your mind back to the early 90s, you might remember a band called Mambo Taxi. Ostensibly part of the Riot Grrrl movement, they traded in smart indie pop with a 60s edge on singles like "Prom Queen" and "Poems On The Underground" before completely disappearing from the radar.

Despite hailing from Germany, Rocket Uppercut mine a similar seam, although vocalist Bianca Haslebeck has more of a Louise Sleeper Wiener tone - albeit with added Kat Bjelland screams. "Secret Song" is very British, all breathy vocals and fuzzy drones, whilst "(We'll Always Love The) Stars" is the closest to the basic Sleeper template. Other tracks show a greater garage rock debt, including a cover of The Sonics' "Cinderella".

Unlikely to change the world, but given the competition, I can't see why Rocket Uppercut couldn't secure a slot on one of the NME tours or similar.

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