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"Lydia Grace" is a collection of 13 songs actually written and sung by a 3-year-old girl. She was not told what to sing, or even what to sing about. The subjects of her "songs" and monologues often relate to the picture she was drawing or the toy she was playing with at the time. Having not yet been routinely exposed to pop culture, her imagination conjured up lyrics quite different from those of any adult.


I had 2 immediate questions here:


And more importantly:

Does it work as music??

And after taking a few months to come up with answers, I'm not sure I have any The Sursiks , or for that matter, Lydia Grace are gonna much like. You see, my main problem here is that I don't like how this sounds and my secondary problem is I don't fully buy the theory behind it...

The Theory

I think I get the basic premise: Rather than have eternally fake young 40 year olds sing songs for kids, why not get a kid to do them, the kids will therefore relate and the world will be a happier more joyful place for all our children :+).

Yes, OK...

I however found that further examination of this - on the surface - sound thinking throws up some playful inconsistencies.

Firstly: Is it not the case that most musicians and singers have the same kind of selfish ME mentality that kids do??

And Secondly: Was there really a problem to solve to start with other than in the minds of The Sursiks? Have children been protesting about 40 year olds singing to them? Is this a big issue for todays 3 year olds??

I don't know. I don't have any kids and none of the people I know who do, have drawn my attention to this being so, so I'm guessing not...

If it however is so, are the kids also not up in arms about adults musical sensibilities? I mean, surely if you're going to hand over lyrical duties, you also have to let Lydia or her friends play the tunes rather than play some smooth and funky jazzness in the background??

Yes boss, this LP would have made more sense to me at least, if as Lydia exclaimed joyfully, there was one child hammering away on the toy xylophone with that willful almost demonic disregard for a tune that young kids have, whilst another crashed away on the piano, the boy from 4 doors down threw his drum at the raditaor and the 5th member ran off to look for treasure and/or dinner....

What I'm saying is it's all or nothing with an idea like this and this effort is half and half and I don't find it makes sense...

The Music

So how does it actually sound??

Well, perhaps I'm a shrivelled, mean, child hating bastard, but unless they're your own or belong to your family or friends, the sound of children exclaiming isn't the most pleasant on the planet. I mean of course you tolerate it when you have to, but do you want to put a cd on to listen to it because you love it so much??

I don't I'm afraid.

Each time I listened to Lydia Grace, I got a few tracks in and my brain started to hurt. Yes boss, I've managed it just once all the way through (because i had to) and since then it's been 2 or 3 tracks in and I found myself thinking

"Quieten down Lydia!! Go play with your toys!!! I know you went to school!!!! AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!"

I'm really sorry I can't be more positive here, because i get the impression there's a lot going on with The Sursiks and I very much like the sound of their previous album which features ansaphone messages. But despite my best efforts to be happy, I'm not bought on this one at all...

But, please do go and take yourself a listen HERE make your own mind up, and be sure to call me a miserable bastard and The Sursiks damn clever if you disagree.....



out of 10

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