Cockney Rejects - Unforgiven

There's enough of a market for 'nostalgia punk' to make a living I imagine, and no-one really goes to the gigs to hear the new stuff, so fair dos to the likes of the Rejects for not taking the easy option and just trading on old glories. The real problem, I guess, is that the music industry has moved on to such an extent over the last few years. If a rapping OAP can get on a TV talent show, it's not such a big leap to imagine a punk rock granny making an appearance either.

The truth is, Unforgiven is punk rock lite of the kind pedalled by Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne. And it sounds as if it was recorded in a studio more suited to radio jingles. Lyrically, it's the usual Rejects milieu of upstanding East End folk, West Ham and brotherly bonding. And to prove that even old punks find anyone under 17 a source of anxiety, they proceed to stick the slipper in on "Useless Generation" ("Your ASBO is your badge of honour").

It's catchy enough (even the David Essex cover!) and probably sounds alright after 10 pints of watery lager at a weekend nostalgia-fest but sadly Unforgiven adds little to their overall legacy.



out of 10

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