Los Perros D'amor - Puta Madre

The thing I find most exciting about electronic music is the future....

That's not to say that up till now there's been anything other than a whole bunch of sexy, innovative and exciting shit, but more that what we've only seen and heard the very tipest small tip of one very big iceberg.

Yes boss, not only is the development of the technology far from over, but the reach and availability of this technology is still in it's infancy. I mean, thus far, the majority of commercially available electronic music has been out of the US, UK and Europe with the odd artist pulled in from a further and more distant clime...

But just as soon as laptops become as common as flies in the other more populated and vast reaches of the world, then things are gonna get really and proper interesting.

I mean just take this as a taster of what's possible and you'll need no further persuasion that we are in for some treats...

I mean add up China, Africa & South America - all of which must be loaded with Aphex Twins - and we can rest assured that the future is very bright indeed!!!

So, here we have a record that's very success is its combination of producers and influences from the 3 corners of the world. Yes we're talking that axis of class that is Cuba, Norwich &

So what's going on?

Well, more or less every type of electronic music is squeezed into this LP. Everything from happy techno, thru dub, electronic, lounge and world. The production is snappy, clean and quick and all told very clever with good humour throughout.

I won't lie and say it's great all the way through - there's the odd formulaic moment, but such moments don't last long enough before the rhythm skips off elsewhere and your brain is instructed to keep up...


I can heartily recommend Los Perros D' Amor and I reckon that given their bouncy sense of fun, a live show would be more than worth a look as well..





out of 10

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