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Without mentioning any names, there are a number of bands about at the moment who seem, in a moment of misguided sincerity, to have listened to one Stooges album too many and though to themselves "That's easy, that is. Hey, we could do that...". Thankfully, at last, there are some bands arriving whose record collections vary a little more. Ikara Colt are one such band; to be sure, that Stooges loose rock 'n' roll element is present but there is much, much more going on here. This is a band who, you can bet, have The Fall in their record collections and you wouldn't be too surprised to see a little bit of Joy Division represented and maybe even some Kraftwerk.

If all this seems a little bit of a muddle, you can rest easy knowing that as soon the band kick in, any confusion falls to the side and you are left with a young, confident band that are completely and utterly at home creating the glorious noise that they make. You wouldn't really classify it as anything other than rock 'n' roll, but, underneath the bluster of guitars, those wonderful influences make themselves clear. Tonight, they are utterly on form. Lead singer, Paul Resende, is certainly someone to look out for and its his sardonic, gravelly, cutting vocal style that really holds the elements that make up this band together. The best way to describe their performance would be intense.

It's intense in a way that few bands manage to be, it's all about what's going on onstage and Ikara Colt, at times, are devastatingly severe; creating a mood of gravity, but at the same time, combining it with a loose rock 'n' roll sensibility that you can feel. You almost find yourself willing them to continue and push it that little bit further. In a word, Ikara Colt are a band to get excited about.

You would be forgiven for having doubts, current single, Wanna Be That Way, while being an amiable enough piece of pop/punk thuggery, doesn't really do their full range justice. Even live, it comes accross as one of their weaker numbers, but that should just give you an idea of how good the rest of the set is. Songs like Sink Venice, with the samplers and drum beats adding to the mix, really do work incredibly well. See them if you get the chance. Superb.

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