Various - Kitsuné Maison Compilation 4

The fourth compilation from Kitsuné, the trendy French record/clothing label, draws from as far afield as Canada and Australia. However, given the concentration of rough-edged dance and indie/new rave attitude, it could easily be mistaken for the connection between Paris and London.

Let's start with what's bad. Tuning In (Hadouken!) is blessed with a skip button-baiting snotty vocal, Dance To Our Disco (Punks Jump Up) is a crappy !!! rip-off, and Crystal Castles (Knights) is someone sobbing over an electronic backing track. Seriously. Does anyone feel like a boogie? The aptly named Hummer (Foals) sounds like a scraping from the bottom of the new rave barrel; Stinker may have been an even better title. Midnight Juggernauts attempt a Rex The Dog-style cut up remix of Dragonette's I Get Around. It doesn't help that they're working with distinctly uninspired electro-pop material.

So what's good then? Be My Friend by Darkel (JB Dunckel from Air's solo project) is nicely dreamy. Savage dancefloor offerings from The Whip and Guns N' Bombs will have you thinking "I can't believe they're not from Paris," while Adam Sky's remix of La Musique (Riot In Belgium) is notable for an old-fashioned house piano riff, contrasting with its harsher elements. In much the same way, Boys Noize's remix of Feist's My Moon My Man works by juxtaposing the lady's gorgeous voice with a sub-Stephen Hawkings vocoder effect. Drugs In My Body (Thieves Like Us) is apparently an ode to Christiane F.'s cautionary life story rather than narcotic hedonism, thus proving not all popstars are irresponsible. And how can any band named after a New Order song be bad?

An improvement on its predecessor, with a better hit to miss ratio, Kitsuné Maison Compilation 4 includes enough fine (and possibly hard to find) tracks to make it worthy of a recommendation.



out of 10

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