Great Escape Festival Brighton (Day 2) - A review in pictures

My second day in Brighton started early with an afternoon "Republic of music" three band showcase.
The event took place in a very intimate bar at the front of the Hotel Pelirocco.
The first act on the bill were Amiina, a female quartet from Reykjavík.
Amiina play fragile instrumentals using a variety of instruments.One song featured a band member running her finger around the rim of a variety of glasses to obtain different sounds and the girls finale consisted of the quartet playing saws.
The Icelandic four piece's music wasn't my regular cup of tea but I was mesmerized by their performance so did find their set very entertaining.

Next up were Norwegian's Adjagas.Their My Space biog reads "Adjagas is ayoik group based in Sapmi, located in the desolate areas of Northern Norway. The group consists of Sara Marielle Gaup and Lawra Somby, who both are traditional yoikers. A yoiker is a singer or a chanter with a Saami origin, and it represents a very historically important part of the musical history of Northern Europe."
I found their performance quite hard work.I always try not to be negative about bands as it's all a matter of taste but it would have been nice to see the band enjoy themselves on stage a bit but they looked as if they'd rather be anywhere but Brighton on a windy afternoon!

Leeds band Stateless completed the line up.The five piece certainly put a bit of energy back into the proceedings and were far easier on the ear.
They play chart friendly stadium Indie rock with a dance element!
A few of their songs reminded me slightly of 90's legends Mansun which is never a bad thing.

I was set to start my evenings entertainment at the Pavillion Theatre but decide to pop into the Corn Exchange for a bit as the Pavillion was late opening.
Montreal band Les Breastfeeders were storming through their set and won me over within minutes.
The band are slightly similiar to The Hives but have male / female vocals.Singing in French they had a variety of catchy songs played with a lot of energy.
Les Breastfeeders even had their own Bez type, a guy who looked a cross between the 'Mondays groover and The Damned's Dave Vanian who happily spent his time standing on speakers or running around at the front of the stage.
Unfortunatly as I turned up late I was unable to take any pictures.This was a disappointment as they were certainly my favourite band of the weekend and I'll be looking forward to seeing them back in the UK at some point.
Heading back round to the Pavillion Theatre I watched Reykjavík singer Lay Low.I had previously caught her set in a small coffee shop at last years Iceland Airwaves Festival in Reykjavík and enjoyed her performance, even though she had to stop after a couple of songs as she had a bit of a cough.
Luckily she was fighting fit and on top form this time round, delivering her bluesy songs sung with her smokey voice.

Canadian Patrick Watson took to the Pavillion stage next.
I had also seen Patrick play at Iceland Airwaves, performing at an instore in a tiny record shop.
Patrick sings fairly serious piano led songs and has been compared on numerous occasions to Jeff Buckley.The similarity is there but Patrick is a great performer in his own right as the songs on his "Close to Paradise" album can testify.
His band also entertained, especially Patrick's guitarist who utilised an electric toothbrush and a balloon as makeshift guitar picks!

After Watson's set I headed back around the corner to catch Indie legends Art Brut headlining the Corn Exchange.
The band were promoting their forthcoming album "It's a bit complicated" and played a mixture of old and new material.
I left the venue early to try and see Willy Mason's set at the Pavillion but the lines to get in were huge and it was a "One in - one out" scenario so I headed back to the Corn Exchange to see the rest of Art Brut's set.

I made my way to the train station in time to catch the last train home,ready for a great sleep and a nice long lie in.

Or so I thought...

Check out the band's My Space pages to sample their music...

Les Breastfeeders
Lay Low
Patrick Watson
Art Brut

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