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Diesel:U:Music Launch Party - Featuring Shy Child

So, tell me all about it. Was it fabulous? Was is beautiful @ the Deisel:U Launch Party? Give me a full Giovanni report ASAP.

Well, of course it was fabulous...

We all know the music business is well know for it's excess, it's style and it's ability to pomp it up on the slightest pretext.

Or at least this is what I'd thought was the case when I became a music writer, but if I'm being honest, I've been struggling to access this mythical big time - the world of big parties and big egos and big money and brilliant free gifts.

This has however now changed..

Yes boss, Paul Giovanni has entered the big time in a brown suede jacket, and he enetered it at the Diesel:U:Music Launch Party this Tuesday at the Cuckoo Club, London..

So what happenned??

Well, you know you're onto a good and wholesome thing when a tall Eastern European Princess welcomes you at the door with a tequilla shot in a chocolately edible short glass, and from there on in, it was free booze and measured fun all the way...

Yes boss, I was walking around the Diesel:U:Music launch with at least two beers - one in each hand - at all times..This is the music business i said to myself loudly! This is Rock 'N' Roll!! Paul Giovanni has arrived!!!

Shut up talking about yourself Giovanni!...What actually happenned, were there prizes and speaches and medals?

Well not too much really happenned. Everyone milled about in the kind of excited state that occurs when there's free booze on offer. The bar staff worked a manic frenzy. There were nibbles on trays and downstairs there was some kind of media photo session.

Of course, I should have muscled in there and said 'Listen up, I'm from and I need to know what the hell is going on!' But I didn't, I stayed upstairs and listened to DJ Dan Greenpeace perform the majority of the musical duties.

So, it's a competition for new bands and there were no bands??

Yes, we were treated to one live band. But it wasn't one of the 9 announced as finalists..

New Yorks, Shy Child are signed to Label sponsors Wall of Sound and they were good...

I mean it's easy to be cynical and skeptical when you're being fed everything for free and I was to start with. In fact, I was expecting some kind of Arctic Monkeys clone band: 4 white boys in a band, boredom indie energy pop etc.

But no. Shy Child are 2 American boys: One plays drums, and one plays one of those wearable Roland synths, and together they play stacatto edged pop.

Their sound didn't immediately excite me, but after a couple of build ups and breakdowns, they started to move, and my feet started tapping and even Mrs Giovanni started to shake about!!

So, yes, I think Shy Child were good. Expect to hear more of them...

And taken allround The Diesel:U:Music Launch Party??


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