So...who are the best LIVE band at the moment??

Is it the Arctic Monkeys: 4 young boys pogoing their rock 'n' roll way around casual brand names, just like - well more or less every other bunch of young pups have pogoed around this last 30 years?

Is is Oasis snarling and bullying their way around the stage like a bunch of doped pitbulls??

Is it The Klaxons, thiny disguising their 'another indie pop' blandness with a few high hats and some average sirens?

Or is it a little known epicly mad twinkling band called They Came From the Stars I Saw Them?

I say it's the latter and the reason I say so is because this band, are the best, most musically accomplished and most unpredictable band playing live at the moment...

So, who are 'They came form the stars i saw them' ?

TCTSIST are an everchanging collective of a band who've had more different lineups than your average police station.

Currently staffed by Horton Jupiter (vocals & electronics) Naomi Auerfeld (Clarinet & Saxaphone & Vocals) Sculpture aka Dan Hayhurst (Bass & Vocals) and Giles Narang (Drums) the stars play music which sounds exactly like music made by a tribe of aliens who've discovered the wonderful diversity of pop music should sound.

In breif: Combine the soulful crescendos of acts like Spiritualized, with the neat tightness and physical tougthness of Chic, with the chaos and innovation of musical shamen Sun Ra and you'll be getting somewhere close..

Yes boss, ths stars can play and they can play brilliantly, because underpinning the chaos of the swirling and surging electronics sits a rhythm section who know more about lively and fat backbones than a tank full of electronic eels.

As a result of this ryhthmic solidity, a 'stars' LIVE performance zips in and out of solid funk and disco, through pure bewildering noise, then back into the sort of tight pop music that has sold out 21 nights for Prince at the drop of a hat.

Like all great live bands though, it's not just about the quality of the music that makes the stars swell, it's about the spectacle and the show and the energy..

What other band comes clad almost purely in white and gold? What other band has the ability to switch between 2007 disco, euphoric surges of electronic noise, unblistering chaos and straight dance ability all at the flick of a finger and in the same set?? What other band promises you the world and then gives you it?

None that I know of..

So, if you have any sense, you want to be getting along to see the stars before you have to watch them form the back of an arena and pay £14 to be able to view their smiling faces in the program..

Do it, and do it now!!

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