Sia - Lady Croissant

Sia, I really liked that last album of yours : 'Colour the Small One'. Really good, I thought. I played it to friends; I confess, sometimes this was when we were sat around having dinner or a few drinks. 'Life for Rent', 'White Ladder', we all do it, don't pretend otherwise. (I tend not to fire up 'Surfer Rosa' or 'Loveless', say, for these kind of gatherings. Puts people off their food.)

Okay, two years on, I can't remember a damn thing about it, but hey, this busy modern world with its distractions and all, what can you do ? So, this new mini live album you've got out ... well, I'm not so keen. I wanted to be, really I did. One new track, a few 'oldies' and a couple of Zero 7 tracks. I recognised 'Destiny' straight away but I'm not really down with Zero 7 so I think all that proves is that I've watched too much 'Shipwrecked'. I don't like your Pretenders cover either - 'I Go to Sleep'. With my irony detector set pretty low, you're still straining credulity with that one. Hey, maybe it caught me at the wrong time or in the wrong mood but I got a bit bored, I'll be honest. That laid-back, sultry backing reminds me so much these days of Habitat and 'All I Need' by Air (surely the high water mark for this kind of stuff.)

Also, my wife had a problem with your vocal stylings, constantly asking me if you were French or Eastern European and refusing to believe me whan I said you were Australian. (That sub-Piaf slurring thing you've got going on. What's all that about ?) To be honest, I was starting to wonder myself until you introduced the last track. "Well that's even more pathetic then !" she said. I think she has a point (for once, The Killers-loving barmpot.) Lovely voice on one level, dodgy diction on another. Sorry.



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