Glasvegas - Daddy's Gone

Glasvegas as the name would hint are a band from Glasgow. They do many things. They play prison gigs a la Mr Cash; they play triumphant live shows to a staunch fan base in their home city and also make some of the finest life affirming rock music ever to come out of Glasgow.

Fifties rock 'n' roll brought right up to date with a helping of Jesus & Marychain's brash feedback and Phil Spector's wall of sound is a fair approximation of what Glasvegas sound like, making them other-worldly champs in the current music climate. The spirit of The Clash has risen once again and can be heard in the form of this band. The hunger is there to drink from the success from every new fan they gain, garnished with the tasty relish of the resulting fame and monetary reward.

On the glorious doo-wop strum along of 'Daddy's Gone', Glasvegas are not afraid to sing in their own accents nor are they afraid to rip it up and take no prisoners when playing their more raucous numbers to a live audience. Sounding very much unlike any band that's come out of Glasgow in the past twenty years, they already live the life of rock 'n' roll stars and with the timeless quality of 'Daddy's Gone', are fast on their way to achieving the lofty feat of becoming legends in their own lifetime.

Glasvegas are currently unsigned. Maybe somebody out there will grow a pair and sign them.



out of 10

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