The Mojo Fins - Pinata Face

Shouty rock is a term that defines itself. It's bands who's sound and power relies on boys shouting. It's agressive, horrible and one dimensional..

The worst genre for shouting was and remains punk. Shouting was endemic and there are bands who've made entire careers on the back of it, not least The Clash..

Indie Rock is almost completely as bad. Indeed one of the things I like about Babyshambles is that they aren't like this and the main thing I like about this release by The Mojo Fins is that it goes further than Pete and is almost 'Whispher Rock'..

Yes boss, Pinata face, the debut single from this Brighton four piece is a gentle and melodic glide.

Featuring 3 tracks, including a short and long version of the title, this single flutters like some kind of guitar butterfly taking a warm afternoon flutter down a coastal footpath.

To be more precise and comparitive, the guitar sound and general ambience isn't too far from the early 'Verve' material. It has space and air within. It switches back and forwards and to the side at will..

There's no frustrated boys fucking noises or 'Oi Ois!' There's no amateur snarling, threat or attitude that continues until the perpetrators get laid in a drunken haze. It's a gentle and warm single, a good and fresh start and long may it continue



out of 10

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