DJ Mehdi - Lucky Boy at Night

It's an odd concept. The original Lucky Boy - French dance influenced by soul and 80's hip hop - was the first album to be released by Ed Banger Records, best known as home to Justice. Lucky Boy At Night is different without being a totally new beast. Some tracks remain the same, some have been omitted, some have been added and some have been remixed.

The obvious highlight is Signatune. On the first release a mere snippet at just over a minute, here it has been given the figurative rocket up the ass treatment by Thomas Bangalter. A proper bangin' club anthem, it's perhaps the most notable thing that half of Daft Punk has done in a long time. Unsurprisingly, other tracks bear comparison with Daft Punk too, most notably Boggin', on which guitar licks are mixed with beats and electro sounds.

Yet the album also has moments quite untypical of the French dance scene. Lucky Boy and its Outlines Remix are the most interesting; progressive soul, if you like. The former has a mysterious nocturnal swagger, while the latter could be a Gnarls Barkley experiment, adding a finger-clicking piano hook and a male voice to original vocalist, Fafi. It actually feels like a completely different song rather than a remix.

Less successful are the "bonus" tracks, in particular Switch's annoying jackin' remix of I Am Somebody. Those who already have Lucky Boy may want to think before buying. Otherwise, slick back your hair, and stick on your best tee and aftershave; if it's a choice between this and the original, At Night wins hands down.



out of 10

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