DJ Kentaro - Enter

I can never decide if Ninja Tunes is a good label or not. Over the years they've hosted one hell of a rosta of talent including the likes of Squarepusher, Luke Vibert and Amon Tobin, but i also have the idea they sometimes try a little too hard to be hip and groovy.

I mean why the hell have owners Coldcut ignored reissues of their early classic pop hits like The Only Way Is Up & Doctorin The House in favour of very average releases by white boy jazz boys and iffy UK hip hop artistes??

Is it contractual or just cool??

Flim flam aside, the only true way to judge a label is on it's musical output and like i say, Ninja have been responsible for some gems and this long player from DJ Kentaro sounds like it could be another...

DJ Kentaro is one of these proper DJs. Someone who probably sleeps with the pair of gold plated 1210s he won as DMC champion of the world in 2002. Yes, this man can work sound and play the decks like the instrument they are, and on this record he not only demonstrates his deck skills, but also his premium feel for music of all grooves...

You see this LP isn't just the DJ equivalent of Chrsitiano Ronaldos endless stepovers and monkey tricks, it's a great and clever record that you should all spend your dollars on..

'Enter' Minces styles like Julien Clarey minces his legs.

'Enter' flicks about all over the place and Kentaro makes these leaps so smoothly you almost don't notice you've left the ground

But this isn't all. For me the highlight of this LP is the quality and fatness of the BASS that pervades more or less every track. Yes boss, DJ Kentaro has produced a SUPER BIG BASS HEAVY record that has thump and drive and each of the 3 times i've played this thus far, I've felt the need to throw a few things off the balcony, box my ears stupid and PARTY until the nieghbours have me put down!!


The judgement here is that DJ Kentaros 'Enter' should be bought and loved by all.




out of 10

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