DJ Tiesto - Elements of Life

What's the big idea with DJs like Tiesto??

I don't mean to belittle anyones job, but DJaying in such technotropic times is childs play isn't it?? I mean there are DJs who can create something new and fantastic, that can build and break a room of drugged and sweaty fools into a frenzy dance of ecstacy and chaos. But these folk are few and far between and I'm not at all sure Tiesto is onesuch despite the claims and the fact that the son of the guy who organises the Olympics's is a fan.

Yes, I reckon if we're being honest, we have to agree that most Djs just play records one after the other, reflect in the glory of the original tracks and steal all the girls at the end of the night because they've read their minds and then played the songs written therein.....

Anyway, this is Tiesto as producer rather than superstar mixer and about the best I can say for this LP is that it's alright...

You can check the dance/trance boxes if you like:

Vague, spacey slightly pretentious, poncey title: CHECK!

Half decent and (some 3/4 decent) pop dance titles that if they were made by Heavy Metal bands would be called 'I wanna know what love is' or 'November Rain': CHECK!

Reverby keyboard and synth sounds: CHECK!

Lyrical Requests such as 'Do you feel it??': CHECK!

Will sell millions and sell out misquilions of stadiums/superclubs: CHECK!

Sure if you like Dance/Pop/Trance, you'll love Tiesto and be partly reponsible for his massive wealth and fame.

Otherwise you'll probably consider Elements Of Life to be tea time washing up music at best..



out of 10

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