Marillion - Somewhere Else

My strongest memory of Marillion form back in the day, was that I once went to a bargain Our Price record shop and tried to buy a Marillion album on cassette but accidently bought an album by tranny pop icon Marilyn instead.

Now this could have been an early sign of dyslexia, or a subconscious display of desired tranny gayness or just a mistake...But all I can remmber is that I was mighty annoyed about it at the time!

Anyway, 300 years later, Marillion, like every other band, are still going strong, have failed to accept their time has been and gone, and are knocking out music in search of the love they want and need as creative people..

Frankly, I don't blame them for sticking with it. I mean what else can they do? Go to work at Tescos? Set up a garden centre? Sell their guitars and start writing classical??

Of course not. They are Marillion and they feel they have unfinished business. Besides, they don't want to let the fans down, so here they are with LP number 14

Well boss, I tried to approach this one with an open mind as requested on the release notes. I played it hoping to hear something new and different and exciting, but sadly there was nothing on Something Else that lit my fire..

The sound is neat and clever. The production sounds expensive and clean, but none of the music moved me.

Lyrically it's as you might expect: Some tracks question the rock n roll life of rock stars. Some critique and complain about how the music business is set against older people. Others dream off into nature and redemption..
Some aren't bad, but again none grab my balls and make me scream..

I guess the main problem I have here is that it all sounds a little like Marillion are going through the motions and making music because that's what they do...

Sure if you're a fan you might like it. Maybe even if you're a fan of opera rock bands like Muse, Genesis or Sting you might find a way in and past the muso music musicness over content. But if not, I doubt you'll be too easily converted by this effort...

PS: And where the hell is Fish anyway??



out of 10

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