Zutons/Dogs Die In Hot Cars - Sheffield - Fuzz Club

The Zutons:

The night ran like this, First band up (The Zutons) were on at 10pm, after much fiddling and re-setting up they arrived on at just after the hour and belted out some cracking tunes which put fellow scousers The Coral to shame in many ways. (although their latest mini-album is much better than Magic and Medicine). After the latest single Pressure Point was played the crowd seemed to loosen up and by the time The Zutons ended with Zutonkhamuun the crowd had reached full pelt with an excellent atmosphere and obviously it cheered up the band no end who tried in vein to warm up the crowd earlier on with comments on the lighting rig being "cool and pink", The Zutons, despite being excellent on stage just didn't seem to set the crowd alight as much at the start (unlike Dogs Die in Hot Cars who remained a constant) which is slightly disappointing because they really did go for it full on. The Zutons really do deserve the success that The Coral are being treated to at the moment because their whole line-up just oozed quality.

Dogs Die in Hot Cars:

It was Dogs Die in Hot Cars who I went for, basically because I didn't know that The Zutons were playing until I got there!
Coming on stage about 5mins later than billed (11:20) again due to time restrictions on setting up the bands gear they entered with Modern Woman which in my opinion wasn't played to the best of their abilities due to the aforementioned rushed set up leaving the lead waaaaaay back volume wise, he'd have probably got a better sound if he'd shouted instead of singing into the mic, this was soon sorted out by the band and crew, as they went onto Godhopping and then onto what I think to be the best song by the band I love you cause I have to its just plain stunning (although not best song the evening this is yet to come!), as is the new single Man Bites Man, by far the best song of the evening was Paul Newman's Eyes, because this point i'd managed to crawl to the front in anticipation of the ending of the set (and blagging of freebies, I got a set list and pick fact fans!) I stood literally beneath the lead singer singing along to Paul Newman's eyes like it was a timeless classic, unforgettable. To round off the set, they played Lounger a synth heavy harmonic masterpiece and a great way to end an eclectic show.

Dogs Die in Hot Cars are certainly one to look out for, and are in my opinion biting at the heels of Franz Ferdinand, and of the two bands tonight the superior!


Fuzz Club

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