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Joan As Police Woman is the name Joan Wasser has used for her recent solo album and subsequent tours.
Having previously worked with the likes of Anthony And The Johnsons and Lou Reed Joan branched out on her own to release 2006's "Real Life" album.
Joan has promoted the album Worldwide playing both with a full band and solo.
London's sold out Scala show saw Joan performing with bass player Rainy Orteca and drummer Ben Perowsky.
Joan generally performed behind her keyboard (occasionally moving to guitar) singing intense torch songs that held the audience's attention throughout though there was plenty of fun to be had during the night as the atmosphere was fairly laid back with a lot of audience heckling between songs.Joan has a habit of heavy breathing next to the microphone while waiting to start a song, teasing both male and female members of the audience, causing one "Gentleman" to shout out "0898" which could possibly be the beginnings of a sex chat line number!
Sex and love was on the agenda throughout the evening including the performance of "Hard white wall" a song about "Fucking against a brick wall"!
Joan also introduced a later song about being in love with someone, noticing a girl in the crowd saying "Oh it's you" then following up with "It's not about you!" much to the audience's amusement.However a few songs down the line she may have changed her mind as she spotted the girl again saying "It might be you"...
However I'm sure it was the songs, not the stand up that the audience came to hear and they were rewarded in spades with stunning renditions of several album tracks including my favourite Joan song - "The ride", "Flushed chest", single "Christobel" and "I defy" amongst others, alongside debut single "My gurl" and a host of non album tracks.
Joan was very appreciative of the audience,telling them that they had made her year by letting her sell out her Scala show.The feeling was obviously mutual as a rapturous response brought Joan and her two comrades back to the stage for an encore.
Two "Punky" tracks were played with Joan hoping for a bit of a moshpit! sadly it didn't happen but "Happiness is a violator" and "Endless supply of poison" both went down a treat with the audience.Rainy and Ben then left the stage leaving Joan to send us home with the lovely "To survive" ringing in our ears.
This was my first time seeing Joan As Police Woman perform and found it an enjoyable experience.I'll certainly catch her again somwhere down the line...

Joan As Police Woman release "Flushed chest" as a single in the UK and Ireland on the 16th of April.
You can listen to some of her tracks on her My Space page

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