Tiger MCs - We Go Out

Awww, it's cute. That's the toy bunny Tiger MCs main man, JB, holds up in a publicity shot for this release. As anyone who has heard The Boy Least Likely To will know, grown men and toy animals are advance warning of a certain indie tweeness and quirky sensitivity. (Although it's hard to imagine Tiger MCs touring with James Blunt.)

We Go Out is mostly formed from gentle acoustic numbers, occasionally breaking into something rockier (but not for long), such as Aces. Tiger MCs haven't forgotten those other twee essentials either: handclaps and a wee bit of brass. It's a short and sweet album, pleasant without quite making the shift into memorable; like the dream of sunshine, gorgeous girls, chocolate cakes and beer which you forget in the morning. In fact, after several listens the only bit that really sticks in my head is where Spooned, Snoozed and Straining briefly (and rather joyously) turns into The Boys Of Summer. It's better than DJ Sammy's version, in case you are wondering.

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