BT - Emotional Technology 2 CD Special Collectors Edition

I’m afraid I’m not an adovcate of this LP at all. So if you’re a BT fan and are likely to take offense, I’d suggest you look away now…

The problem?

Well, first of all, let’s get one basic tenet of history absolutely straight:

The Hippie 1960s ended 40 years ago. Since then the 1970s and 80s have happened and if those two decades (let alone the last 2), haven’t made it clear that lyrics like

‘A plethora of burning suns and the blackest of pure twilight,
And although I wish to give endlessly, I now relinquish my sigh
Let us linger in our lust together,
Together in this Perisian garden of light!’


“He taught me,
With the language of the sea,
The sound heart in the sun,
With the cries of night creatures I dimly understand
Ohh uhhuh oohh”

are completely unacceptable, stupid, IGNORANT and just plain crap, then I don’t know what can be done....

Yes boss, I don’t wish to be excessively mean to BT per se, because there are many similar offenders, but I’m dog tired of hippie drug dross ‘nature is a goddess’ lyrics like these. I mean, sure nature can be awfully nice and cuddly sometimes, but the wind and the earth and ‘the language of the sea’ is also one of mostly vicious selfishness that cares nothing for itself, for mankind, the dolphins or the polar bears - unless they are of some use and any kind of naivety that suggests otherwise annoys me point blank….

But it gets worse. On top of these lyrics, this album is also populated by some half cut and amateurish rapping which is quite possibly even worse in both it’s sentiment and it’s delivery.

So, what about the music production?

Well, with the exception of one or two of the remixes on the second ‘bonus’ disc, the production on this is really quite average…

Sure, in places it has the kind of clean and clever sheen that makes you understand why BT was picked up and used by Sting and Madonna. But at the end of the day BTs electronic nouse is, in my opinion at least, far less remarkable than what many other producers could manage with half a laptop and a couple of decent sample CDS…

So, do I hate BT and this LP?

Well no, I don’t hate BT at all, in fact I was looking forward to hearing this LP, because as far as I can remember, he’s done the odd thing here and there that’s sounded OK or better (though not much that I can think of off the top of my head). However, upon spinning this effort several times, I can’t find much of good to say about it at all and therefore my rather nasty and uncharitable advice is:

Unless you do too many drugs, or live in the rainforest in a £600 tent on Daddies industrial money, avoid this record like it’s an ex-lover you find crouching in your shed, holding a grudge and a gun…….



out of 10

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