Ciara - The Evolution

“Dare to be different. Be your own trendsetter. It’s not about the designers or the price, but how you rock it. And it starts with confidence. So for those who have something to say, tell them get in, fit in, or get out.”

So says Ciara in one of the aspirational monologues that pad out this interminable album. Unfortunately for us, she doesn’t stay true to her word. There is precious little confidence to be found here, it offers nothing particularly different, and if Ciara truly was a trendsetter, would she call upon the services of Lil Jon, who seems to have made a career out of aggravating musical cameos (doing so here on track one, the inaccurately titled That’s Right)? I think not.

There seems to be a vague concept at work, about the evolutions in Ciara’s character. This idea falls apart, however, when none of the 16 or so songs rise above the ordinary; the lyrics are trite and the beats are so low-key as to be non-existent. It’s basically R&B muzak, and smells strongly of design by committee. Even the monologues, which, in their unintentionally amusing way, are the highlights of the album, sound like they could’ve been written for anyone.

Neither an evolution nor a revolution. Just a bit tedious.



out of 10

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