If you've ever seen the Swedish film Fucking Åmål, you may have heard of Robyn. Her cheesy pop track Show Me Love featured heavily on the film's soundtrack, and since then she has achieved considerable mainstream success in Europe and the US. So why are us Brits in the dark? Releasing this record on her new label Konichiwa, Robyn seems determined to crack the UK once and for all. If Beth Ditto and her brand of oestrogen-fuelled sass-pop can conquer UK charts (and tabloids!), then I'm sure this album will be the one that will get Robyn some much-needed notice.

The current single Konichiwa Bitches sounds like M.I.A. doing the kind of bubblegum pop song that could save Britney's career. It's not the only worthy single on here though, the loopy attitude of Cobrastyle and the Knife-produced Who's That Girl vying for your attention. She veers into Stacie Orrico territory on the pop ballad Handle Me but even this is a guilty pleasure, the pristine production and Robyn's charisma lending it sparkle. Perhaps the highlight of this whole venture is With Every Heartbeat; it's Europop through and through, right down to the cliched lyrics, but this 'I don't look back' euphoric ballad is uplifting, atmospheric and epic all at once.

The album loses its way somewhat during its last act - Robotboy being the worst offender - but there is enough here to satisfy pop fans. This lady even has the potential to win over the trendy bunch, her electro-tinged sound managing to be cutting edge enough to raise her above her contemporaries. Impressive much?



out of 10

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