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Just in time for Easter, the Now! team have bundled together the biggest chart hits of the last four or five months in one gift-worthy package. That is, if the recipient will appreciate a compilation that contains the two worst Red Nose charity singles in recent history...

Disc 1 opens - predictably - with Mika's Grace Kelly, a song that is seemingly destined to annoy us for at least another month. It's still not as bad as his new single, though. Eugh. Back to this double-decker of supposed treats, Kaiser Chiefs offer up their disappointing comeback Ruby while Leona warbles away and keeps the moms happy. It's not all bad, Timbaland adding his shuffling beats to better-than-average R'n'B fare from Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado. There's also Just Jack's Starz In Their Eyes, still as fresh as April daisies, and Jamelia's Beware of the Dog which, despite being one of the most innovative pop tracks of recent months, sold very few copies compared to supposed queen-diva Beyonce's damp Irreplaceable. The dance tracks here are of the worst variety, awful mainstream chart-straddlers that (unfortunately) will have soundtracked a recent Saturday night at a club near you! Calvin Harris and Fedde Le Grand, however, escape with some credibility intact.

On to Disc 2 - disc-spinner or mug coaster? It's a 50/50 split once again, I'm afraid. The Fray make Snow Patrol's Open Your Eyes sound like the most exciting track of the year. It's not, though; How to Save a Life is just possibly the most boring song EVER. Thankfully, the mainstream has caught up with The Gossip (thank you Skins!) and there's some danceable weirdness on offer with Klaxons' Golden Skans. With the exception of Jamie T and Amy Winehouse's original voices, the rest of the tracklisting is made up of the rock/pop stuff that your local radio station currently loves - and plays to death in the process.

Nothing too surprising then but what did you expect? Death metal?



out of 10

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