TD Lind - Let's Get Lost

TD Lind is the sort of bloke you expect turns up everywhere with ruffled hair, faded jeans and a battered guitar case. Not content with rocking around Britain in his first band, he also played piano in Paris, before crossing the Atlantic, mucking about for a bit, then finally settling in Kentucky. Bad luck saw him lose two contracts as record companies folded. Still, the fact that you can hold this debut album in your hand possibly proves that persistence pays off.

Let's Get Lost is a slightly odd mish-mash of styles. If the backbone is distinctly MOR (inoffensively rocky numbers such as One Fine Day and Falling could easily be big radio hits), Lind isn't afraid to deviate from it. The worst experiment here is the aptly named Jesus Christ, an absolutely terrible gospel tune. Better propositions are the title song, one of a few "gypsy waltzes" (so labelled in the press release), and the rough, sweary 4 track blues of Disco Boat. Despite having supported the You're Beautiful man on a few occasions, these should buy him a listenership a couple of grades up from James Blunt at least.



out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 02:52:36

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