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I first caught Swedish band The Sounds live at the beginning of the year at London's Water Rats venue.The bands onstage energy blew me away so I vowed to see them several more times this year, watching them support Billy Talent at Brixton Academy and headlining at the intimate 333 Club in London.
Although heavily jet lagged from a trip to Texas for SXSW I still managed to hit Brighton the day of my return to watch the first night of this sold out tour at the Pressure Point venue so was eagerly awaiting the bands Islington Academy show a couple of days later.
The UK version of "Dying to say this to you" contains a few extra tracks from their debut release "Living in America" an album which the band must still hold close to their hearts as the set was split fairly evenly between both collections of songs.
Starting with "Painted by numbers" the band tore through the best of both albums with singer Maja spending the set grinning like a cheshire cat while striking up poses, balancing on top of the drum kit and leaping a considerable distance to crowd surf in the audience on more than one occasion.
Maja is a very edgy and charismatic performer, reminding me of a cross between young versions of Patricia Arquette and Juliette Lewis.She certainly makes a Sounds show fun to watch as she also comes across as a performer with her tongue planted firmly in cheek.
The rest of the band - Felix on guitar, Johan on bass, Jesper on keyboards and Fredrik on drums keep it all nicely together, creating a wonderful noise, mixing sing along songs with a rock edge, the highlights being "Hit me" which saw Maja slapping herself about a bit (!), "Queen of apology", "Seven days a week" and "Living in America".
The set had a quiter moment when the majority of the band left the stage, leaving Maja and Jesper to perform the ballad "Night after night" showcasing Maja's lovely vocals.
The calm didn't last long as the band crashed back in with current single "Tony the beat", causing the audience to "bust some moves"!
The set closed with "Ego" but there was music played inbetween the bands exit and their return, which seemed part of the set, making the audience slightly unsure whether or not the show was over.
Luckily there was time for a few more songs so the capacity audience left even hotter,hoarser and more knackered than a few minutes previously.
The Sounds are one of the most entertaing bands at the moment on this Planet and will certainly be winning over new fans during Festival season if not before...

keep an eye out for future The Sounds dates here ...

The Sounds Super Bonus!!

An additional picture of Maja from the bands 333 Club show.
My favourite picture I've taken this year so far...

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