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Vince Vincent and the Villains offer no surprises. Not tonight, the biggest surprise is that there's room for them to play, given the size of the venue, which is slightly smaller than a living room. But no matter, for that all lends to the atmosphere, and Vince Vincent and his villains is more than able to make the most of the hot, packed crowd. Musically, they play a fine mix of fifties style rockabilly mixed with a good dose of humor. It's refreshing that there is no ironic twist; it's simply crowd-pleasing guitar twanging with the occasional bit of trumpet thrown in. They've a single out soon, and you're invited to view the website, here.

So to The Priscillas and, the best way of describing them is that they sound exactly as they look. It's a buzzy mix of glam sleaze punk guitar driven mayhem that's dripping with an attitude that belies the fact that this is their third or so gig. You'd never know it, they look like they've been planning this for years and maybe they have. With a puff of buzz guitar, the set starts.

You can't help but like The Priscillas. This is fun rock 'n' roll punk with pop sensibilities that can't take itself too seriously. Vocalist Jen, has a warm, piercing delivery and manages to cut through the wall of guitars with aplomb and style. Nothing if not charismatic, The Priscillas will charm the pants off you. How can you not like a band that sings a song with a chorus that goes "Shut yer face, yer doing my 'ead in"? They're funny, narcistic, and sarcastic and make a fine racket.

And, tonight, they're playing in front of a crowd that, if it hasn't seen them before, at least knows what to expect. The atmosphere is great, and the huddled masses jumping. Well worth catching if you get the chance, and you will, cos they play the Hope and Anchor (207 Upper Street, London) on 4th March and have a look at the website, which you will find here. There’s nothing there, yet…but the front piece gives an indication of what to expect.

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