THISgirl - Islington Academy

Playing support slot to a band like Three Colours Red can't be easy given that most people here have nothing on their minds bar the headline act, but THISgirl make the most of it. They're nothing if not lively, leaping onstage as though they were born to be there. Singer, Liam Creamer, (Fantastic name!) garbles an introduction before launching into a leaping frenzy that would have Dave Lee Roth dribbling his soup with envy if he could see it.

THISgirl sound a lot bigger than they are; almost too large for the stage it seems at times. They have an epic sense of scale to the songs, and it's clear they want nothing more than to be a stadium band. It's clear in the way that Mr Creamer uses the drums as a launch pad and its clear in the way that the guitarist strides about and litters the songs with solos. And therein lies the weak point; the songs are, at this moment in time, nothing to get excited about. It's by-the-numbers stuff that you've heard countless times before. Well, you have if you've seen The Foo Fighters or Cave In or any of the new metal bands that are endemic at the moment.

That's not to say that THISgirl are without promise, however. As hinted at above, they have massive confidence in themselves and look as though they were born to be on stage. The songs all have that all-important melody and they sound suitably aggressive. With stronger songwriting, and that all important record company backing, they could go on to much bigger things. It's clear they expect too, and they might not be wrong in this expectation.

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