The Cardinals - Hold On

The Cardinals are a band who hail from Manchester and have obviously done much to soak up the musical heritage of their city. The past few months have seen them tucked away recording in deepest Wales, sharing a studio with Lance Thomas, who previously worked with PJ Harvey and Simian. The results, as showcased on these two songs, certainly sound very polished and shiny, but the lyrics are very derivative, saying nothing particularly new, treading all those Indie cliches of "running away" and being "tired of talking". Songwriter and vocalist Seven states that the songs were written at a low ebb where everything seemed to be going wrong, but there is little evidence of that here on two very similar sounding songs.

Of the two, Hold is the strongest track, full of little flourishes and keyboard flurries. Hello is a very textbook piece of Indie by numbers, with a chorus that goes up and heavy handed drums. There is promise here, but not enough to let this band rise above the rest.

The Cardinals are currently on tour, and can be seen in March at the following venues:

10 March 'Friends of Mine' Joshua Brooks, Manchester
25 March Academy 4, Manchester
6 April The Primrose, Leeds

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