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Operation Magic Kingdom Hits The Streets

The C.N.P.D. Commemorate 'Operation Magic Kingdom'.

Fresh from the C.N.P.D:

The 2007 operation surge to crack down on insurgent activity in Iraq has failed. The Pentagon tries one last tactic. 400,000 leaflets are dropped into the suburbs of Bagdad, the message reads 'Believe The Magic’. Children and parents maimed or injured by US forces will be given Disney vouchers worth $120.00. (Conditions apply).'

The U.S. led 'Operation Magic Kingdom' moves into Bagdad, adopting the UK's 'Winning Hearts And Minds' tactic by wearing masks portraying loveable and friendly Disney characters in a bid to gain the confidence of the Iraqi people. The rules of engagement have been changed to include 'try and be more fun before firing'.

Starting on the 23rd February 2007, ‘Operation Magic Kingdom’ is hitting the streets of Shoreditch, London and beyond with a billboard and flyposter campaign.

One billboard under the bridge at the end of Old Street will show a different image for 3 consecutive weeks supported by the extensive flypostering of 2 designs around the area.

The leader of the C.N.P.D. was unavailable for comment but has previously opened a Terrorist Aware Gift shop in 2004 in time for the Christmas massive (Original story available by clicking here).

Believe the magic.

Operation Magic Kingdom Billboard One - Dead Dad 1

Operation Magic Kingdom Billboard Two - Dead Dad 2

Operation Magic Kingdom Billboard Three - Believe The Magic

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