Grinderman - No Pussy Blues

So another chapter in Nick Cave's sprawling and impressive career begins. And it does so with a clatter of typewriter keys. This might not be the most obvious way to start a record but don't let this fool you, it'll just lull you into a false sense of security. When Cave's southern drawl spits and spews the lyrics about his lack of success in courting a young lady, that he's going through everything in his repetoire, it's driving him insane - "But she just never wants to, Dammit! I got the no pussy blues".

This is all backed some sinister hacksaw guitars, all fuzzed up and thrashing around, squeals of feedback echo back and forth, augmenting Cave's wild man vocals. And then it's over. You're left reeling and mesmerised, your ears and mind aching from the aggressive assault you've just born witness to. This is like nothing Cave has done for a very long time.

B-side Chain Of Flowers is a little more calm and relaxed and is more akin to something from the Abattoir Blues album but without the strings. Grinderman was a chance for Cave and his motley crew to strip things back, to go back to the roots of influences and create something fresh. They've done that and more - bring on the album.



out of 10

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