Mr On vs Jungle Brothers - Breathe Don't Stop

No, not some appropriation of unrelated words by someone who speaks barely a word of English but a deliberate mishearing of Captain Scarlet's nemeses, the Mysterons. Unsurprisingly, therefore, that this single is an official bootleg cut of Michael Jackson's spiraling Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough and Q Tip's Breathe And Stop, spliced together by Mr On and featuring the Jungle Brothers.

The first track, out of the six versions of the song released on this single, is the Radio Edit and, at 3m40s, is four minutes shorter than any of the others. The sun-kissed strings of Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough are instantly appealing and recall the pop disco of Quincy Jones' stunning production of Off The Wall. With the beats from Q Tip's Breathe And Stop breaking over the disco shuffle, Breathe Don't Stop is a big-beat variation on disco but one in which the hip-hop of the Jungle Brothers cut loose like Def Jam holding court in Studio 54.

Better yet is the 5m05s Extended Mix in which the frenzy of a carnivals elbows the shuffle out of the original mix to create what is the single's best moment. After that, however, Breathe Don't Stop gets the huge amount of life in it sucked out by a series of increasingly flimsy dance remixes. Best then to just listen to tracks one and two and forget, here at least, the idea that a dance remix can add anything but a tired back beat.



out of 10

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