The Fallout Trust - EP1

Featuring the kind of scary artwork that adorns the otherwise bare walls of polytechnics, The Fallout Trust's first EP is a blend of pop, skewed rock and new wave, which sounds as happy working on the uptight riffs of The Jam as it does with the adult pop of Aqualung.

The first track on the EP, Them Or It, revels in a smart, swirling piano riff before solid horns blurt into the mix, sounding close to those that enlivened Robbie Williams' first solo hits. 'tis a pity, then, when Joe Winters slight voice drifts in, losing the feeling put in place by his backing.

With both The Dog Hour and Bound With The Rope offering edgy guitars cut through with brass, neither of which feel convincing, it is left to the last song on the EP, The Price Of Your Time, to give some shape to the music behind Winters. With a pair of gentle guitars - one electric, the other acoustic - behind Winters' breathless singing, The Price Of Your Time drifts through one minor play with sound before swiftly moving onto another. Featuring double-tracked vocals, excerpts of noise, jazz breaks, muscular horns and gritty strings, all of which flatter Winters' cool melody, The Price Of Your Time, like last year's Aqualung album, shows how it is possible to play adult pop without ever needing to lie about one's age.

Had The Fallout Trust looked to their last track more than the others then this could have been a great EP but as it is, EP1 is often let down by its lack of heart.



out of 10

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