The Unisex - Pigs & Their Farms

With a name seemingly chosen at random, The Unisex have a sound implying that little music has made it into their native Sweden since the months in which The Charlatans flourished when it became apparent that The Stone Roses were not coming back for a long, long time. With a dry guitar sound, the pump of late-sixties organ and thick drumming, The Unisex sound as though they have missed their time by twelve years or so but with a resurgance in indie rock, history may not have called time on them just yet.

The best comparison to this single would be to The Stone Roses before the recording of their remarkable debut album. Elephant Stone, Made Of Stone and the like were decent enough songs but, when compared to Waterfall, I Am The Resurrection or even the much later Fool's Gold, they are awkward and lumpen. Similarly, Pigs And Their Farms and its b-side, Mushrooms And Broccolli, are both solid indie rock songs but struggle to get away from being anything more, although it is left to the last song on the single, a remix of Pigs And Their Farms by Archive, to show what they are capable of being.

Featuring a distorted and slowed guitar riff under the original vocal track, the Archive remix of Pigs And Their Farms is as much Nine Inch Nails as it is jangling indie and soars through noise, rock and psychedelia to produce such a genuinely great song that it's unfortunate it has only be added as a remix. Were The Unisex able to admit that the stunning sounds of the Archive remix puts their own recording to shame, they could produce a great album but, as they are, it'll be solid indie to add to the records released by hundreds of indie also-rans since the year punk rock broke.



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