Tim Pare - Trans-Siberian Express

The story behind these songs may end up being more interesting than the material itself, but Tim Pare has had a turbulent few years. Leaving his long-time partner and going to China to teach, these songs were written on a battered guitar that he swapped with a bottle of vodka on the train across Russia with a bunch of drunkards and killers... apparently.

You can probably guess what the songs are going to sound like, heart-felt folkish songs all dealing with loss, nervousness and worry. No reasons are given for him leaving his partner and the songs don't really hint at anything other than the usual fights and disagreements, they don't quite break out from the usual lost love song. Considering the locations these songs were written in, it's amazing that they sound completely devoid of environmental influence. The songs are mainly accompanied by a simple guitar and violin, no Russian tinged strings or brass; this definitely isn't in the same category as the recent Beirut album for example. This has more in common with Liam Frost and Badly Drawn Boy; AOR-tinged acoustic music written from the heart. The appearance of female vocals on "Losing My Touch" adds a bit of variation, but otherwise it's quite one paced and a little bland. It's still better than James Blunt though.



out of 10

Last updated: 24/06/2018 04:13:28

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